About the Challenge

Programme with a difference

Your team

We ask you to make up a top team with some of your Belgian colleagues at the office or each in their own home, you will need a computer with internet access and a smartphone to participate. Teams of up to 5 or 6 participants! Extra points for teams with participants from different agencies! No team? We’ll assign you to an existing team, no problem in the virtual world! Participants must obviously be meeting professionals.

The Challenge

The subject will obviously be Switzerland and with particular emphasis on our 6 Swiss Partners who are supporting this fun event. They will be online during the game and can be used as jokers by the teams! the winning team – all participants! – take a trip together to Zurich and stay at the Renaissance Hotel in 2021.

Swiss Surprise Food Parcel 

But we are not meeting live I hear you say?... Well, Switzerland will come to you and a deluxe food parcel filled with Swiss delicacies will be delivered to the address where each participant is in the afternoon before the start of the quiz. All dishes will be prepared and delivered by the excellent caterer Les Choux . Be sure to supply us with your address ‘of the day (only Belgian addresses qualify!) and enjoy a delicious interlude ‘à la Suisse’. You will definitely be in a “Swiss State of Mind” whilst competing with the other teams.

Say cheese